Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just putting my toes in.


Well, this will be a first for me, this blog thing, but with a spankin' new website up soon, some great new band members and a new record in the works I reckon it's time to jump in, better late than whatever.

The new website that brought you here was designed by a really talented guy by the name of Steve Wilkison at Digital Vision Media who has done designs for many other great musicians including one of my faves Buddy and Julie Miller, and I'm thrilled with the spiffy new look he's helped me out with, web-wise.

I'll also use this forum soon to introduce some new players that I'm real happy to have on stage with me now and we may even post some bonus live recordings soon, if the stars line up right.
We've even got ourselves a full-time sound gal to help out Philbillie on the technical end.

We're headed down to San Diego for the county fair in Del Mar next week and I'll have some news for you all then, so come on back. In fact, you could even hit the subscribe button if you're so inclined.