Friday, July 25, 2008

Fair to Middlin'

Yet another JKB road trip with Jenny and the band headed down to sun-splashed San Diego for the San Diego County Fair at the Del Mar fairgrounds. What was originally planned as a quick 4th of July weekend run out turned into a nice, week-long mini vacation when Vanholio (our '91 Ford Clubwagon XL) decided that NOW would be a good time for a new catalytic converter. Yes, NOW. On. the. 4th. of. July. weekend. As luck would have it, though, we are staying with some very dear, generous friends who pulled together to get us and all the gear to the show on time and a little extra time in sunny SD was most welcome.

Philbillie & Jenny.... Mike Anderson wailin' the bass while Dana and Marisa look on.

Harry O tickles the keys, while the band rips it up in the Del Mar sunset.

Our host Jeffie-Scott and our sound-gal Page are the only ones with the cajones enough to brave the ride-of-doom. The rest of us look on in terror.

Nothing, though, is more horrifying than this:

And finally, a thousand thanks and a million kisses to our Hostess wit' 'da mostess, the Baroness Jeanne-Renee' Pezzi for opening her home to a bunch of sun-burnt, road-weary musicians.