Friday, July 26, 2013

Okay, okay, okay, already!

So much news and so little time... And my new manager, Billy Cohen, over at Labyrynth Productions , is kicking my butt into gear. Yes, he's from New York with a degree in English and a degree in business from Columbia and was on the wrestling team.
So, of course he's gonna kick my butt.  He's the perfect manager. 
First, announce the two cool shows coming up. (Okay, Billy!) 
This Wednesday at Pasta Moon in Half Moon Bay, at 6:30 pm with bass virtuoso James Whiton (Tom Waits) and Marisa Martinez (Eric McFadden) and Philbillie, of course. I hear this place has been turned into a lovely music venue with great sound. No cover.

Our first show here: Sunday, Aug. 4th at 11:30 AM. Brunch at the Fenix, which appears to be an absolutely gorgeous supper club and again, no cover. 
And I don't know if you heard but on September 21 at the Uptown Theater in Napa, Philbillie and I are so excited to be opening for one of my all-time heroes, Dr. John.

All this got crossed off the to-do list:

1. Made some jewelry and trinkets to go with the music. Weird, funny things, Banjo Cat pendants, Mona Lisa with banjo rings, cufflinks, bolo ties, one-of a-kind Western shirts with cats and banjos.  T-shirts too.Check.

2. Started an Etsy store with said trinkets called Jenny KerrFuffle - Offhand Oddments and Oddities. Like the name?

3. Getting ready to do a Kickstarter promotion, ‘cause it doesn’t look like the labels are exactly jumping at the chance to take on our new CD (“The numbers just don’t add up,” was the general response). So here we come, Kickstarter. Check.


4. Philbillie’s got the Okey Doke Records website up and running. Check.

5. Release the CD!  Oct. 19.  Double check! No, no, no, not the Kraken, the CD. 
Release the CD!
Our ship has come in.