Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Now we're really getting serious...

Guess what?  Oh yeah, there's a show, but also...

..after Lo these many years of doing everything ourselves, we are blessed to have a management team now.
Ladies and Germs, meet Colleen Kennedy and Billy Cohen of Labyrynth Productions. She was with Bill Graham forever and he has been a talent buyer forever, and they're great.  They do ginormous events like Bay to Breakers and the huge menorah lighting ceremony in Union Square.  Check 'em out at www.labyrynth.com.

They've got this brilliant eleven-year-old kid, Daniel, who builds cigar box guitars and plays drums, electric ukulele and keys.  We've been giving him a bit of coaching, so he's sitting in on some songs with us for our upcoming show June 8th, and we've been working on a song that he entitled "Stacked Up over Newark" which we plan to perform for the first time too.

We played the Plough and the Stars for the first time a couple of months ago and loved the venue.  Turns out it's a fun, down-to-earth Irish bar with a stage.  They have a long tradition as an acoustic music venue, and the usual crowd there is real supportive so we are doing an "and Friends" kind of show.  What I love about this show format is that I get to invite super-talented friends that have crossed our path and share these talents with our fans.

This time we are thrilled to introduce Diego "El Twanguero" Garcia who was the most killer player we heard at the Zihuatanejo International Guitar Festival where we performed this year.  And it's his first SF appearance!  You're gonna love it.  He combines Spanish styles with twang.  Pretty breathtaking, and, Ladies, he's not too hard on the eyes either.
Also we have the Keller Sisters.  Philbillie produced their EP here at Okey Doke Studios, and they've been getting quite a buzz (and not just from caffeine).  Between the fine songwriting and tight sibling harmonies, it's something you won't want to miss.

Now, along with all this other fun stuff, we have a sweet new line of merchandise.  I designed some cool BanjoCat t-shirts and several pieces of jewelry including rings, pendants and bolo ties.  We also have a grumpy cat, a banjo dog and some other odd images you'll have to see...

Also the website is updated and looks real fine.  Hey, we had to actually pay our webmaster, so go have a gander, will ya'?

So come out to the show on June 8th at the Plough and the Stars, 116 Clement St,.SF  9 PM for some good clean fun,

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